Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011


I had the chance to made an interview with Fofao from BESTHÖVEN ...

A lot of my friends and also some local-bands send me some questions for the interview ...

so I used some of these questions for these interview ...

Let´s start ...

WÖRNI : What were the reasons to ground BESTHÖVEN? Why it is only a "One man project"? 
FOFAO : So,the reasons to beguin BESTHÖVEN was simple….it was 1990 and me with more 3 punks friends want to do a new band to play noise not music….influenced by a lot of bands we enjoy,etc….so we formed the band…with the time this work keep more and more strong and is still alive now with 21 years of existence like a band! By the way I´d like to say that I consider BESTHÖVEN like a true BAND and NOT like just a “project” ok??.....since projects are only “short life” or temporary work,etc…..and I am working with BESTHÖVEN for 21 years old now!! And I made a lot of things alone,more than many “commom bands” with 3 or 4 members,you know?....The reason I decided to be and keep in this way of “one man band” is = I was tired to be changing and changing the line up,a lot of times…..this is really boring….So I decided to keep alone and work alone,since I play a lot of instruments and I can record alone also….so,in this way I am working a lot without stop….

WÖRNI : What kind of other bands did influence and inspire you most? 
FOFAO : A lot of bands of course…I am inspired by old Swedish bands like AVSKUM,DISARM,CRUDE SS,FEAR OF WAR,CRUDITY,DISCARD,SHITLICKERS,BEDROVLERS,ANTI-CIMEX,etc…..and bands from others countries also like WRETCHED,CRUCIFIX,DISCLOSE,BATTLE OF DISARM,ICONOCLAST….And the list can goes forever… bands also can influences on me also…..
WÖRNI : Where does the name BESTHÖVEN come from? 
FOFAO : This was an idea from one of the first BESTHÖVEN members : Repolho who played bass and so drums for the band in the beguin…..the name is a mix of 2 words : BEETHOVEN the musician and BESTA:that in Portuguese language means EVIL,DEVIL,etc….this name comes from the idea to criticize the “great musicians” and means noise not music in same time….we want to express that you can do a band and play without be a “professional” musician or things like this………..nothing against “classic music” or Beethoven you know??...this is just a sarcasm to say that if Beethoven is “classic music” so,Besthöven is “chaotic music” 

WÖRNI : You have published so many records ... which are your own favourits? 
FOFAO : This is hard to say,and I never been thinking about this,wich is the best or which is my favorite….since I enjoy all them,believe me,and each one have your own particular history behind….since the way I compose the songs,made the lyrics,and all facts behind,the day I am in studio recording the songs or in my home working in the art sleeve,etc……….this is a work that I really love,so I can´t stay thinking wich is the “best one” for myself,etc….hope you understand it….
WÖRNI : What´s your favourite Crust-LP? 
FOFAO : Well there´s a lot of cool LPs dude….this is hard to say…..but about Crust and D-beat I can say some that I really fucking love : THE VIKINGS ARE COMING-COMP. LP with awesome bands like;CRUDE S.S.,BEDROVLERZ,UGLY SQUAW,RESCUES IN FUTURE,etc….or AFFLICTED CRIES… COMP. LP also that have ANTI-CIMEX,CRUDE SS,ROVSVETT & FEAR OF WAR This one was released in brazil in 1986 and was the first time I heard Swedish bands In a strong way,I mean,the first time I sit and read their lyrics hearing the music and feeling all their intention with a zine also with lots of interviews with the bands in these 2 records I mentioned now,so these 2 compilations are really special to me……and lots of others like DISASTER-WARCY LP,DISCHANGE-SEEING FEELING BLEEDING LP,DISCLOSE-TRAGEDY LP,CRUDE S.S.-BOOTLEG LP,etc…..
WÖRNI : In Brazil is there a big scene of Crust and DIY? 
FOFAO : Not a Crust scene,not a big one,just few peoples here and there,I think only in São Paulo we have a lot of peoples into Crust!! Bands,zines,etc…..a cool and big scene!! Crust bands and Metal punx bands also,I can say some bands like UNFIT SCUM.NUCLEAR FRÖST,SOCIAL CHAOS,SKARNIO…..And some bands in others cities/states like FINAL TRÁGICO(MG),DEATH FROM ABOVE,LIVING IN HELL,ESCÖRIA,etc...
WÖRNI : Do you often visit concerts in Brazil?
FOFAO : Not so much….not so much nowadays….I mean; in the past I was travelling to others cities to play or see shows,or being in some big punk meeting….but nowadays not more… least not like the past,like every month travelling… I am more closed and quiet….but,If I see a strong reason to be there in a gig,of course I will be there….for example,if there´s some friend band playing so I go….. few weeks ago I was in Gyn City to see OLHO SECO and some local friends bands for example….And I am doing some gigs sometimes also….but not so much…..maybe we will play in São Paulo again soon….maybe Rio de Janeiro….and maybe Minas Gerais also…..

But I don´t know yet about when will be…..since I am doing a new temporary line up for gigs again…..and just started to practice with the new bass player….maybe I will be playing drums and vocals in some of the shows also….since is fucking hard to find a drummer here in my city,specially one that really enjoy and understand D-beat…..I don´t want a drummer that only play D-beat,I need a drummer that “lives” this,you know??.....

WÖRNI : Another one of my favourite bands is LUTA you know these guys? 
FOFAO : Yeah,the band is really good! I knew Marcia in middle of 1995 in a punk meeting in Rio de Janeiro city,when she was playing in others bands also like VALA NEGRA,IRA DOS CORVOS and PÓS-GUERRA!!

WÖRNI : As far as I know in Brazil you have a it only for online reading or can the fans get it also as a journal?
Well,not more…..see….I started my zine in same time than Besthöven,it was in 1990….I edited 32 numbers like a paper zine,but the first editions are not so good….i think….and I was thinking to do something more strong and bigger at the end,but is fucking hard….If I made it only in english will be hard to sale to overseas….and peoples in Brazil will not buy this,co´z is in english…..if I make it only in Portuguese language,so I can´t sale to overseas…..and by the way peoples in brazil will not buy it a lot also……so is hard co´z you need to spend a lot of time and money to do a new edition and is really hard to repose the money you spent on this……I am not talking about “profit” you know?.....but today is really hard to me being make a paper zine again……but I have to confess that always I have this intention in my mind yet…..i hope to release some paper edition yet….maybe a special number or something like that,but I don´t know when yet…..I am writing to some Brazilian zines also….some true paper zines….the last one is VISUAL AGRESSION Metal Punx Zine from São Paulo city,my last collaboration was a big report about DISCLOSE history and an interview with my Italian brothers KONTATTO! But this zine is only in Portuguese language,so you can check the English versions in my blog zine : and to me VISUAL AGRESSION is one of the best and favorite Brazilian zines!! Also you can check great zines like AVISO FINAL or NAUSEA both from Saõ Paulo city.

WÖRNI : What band you would like to see playing? 
FOFAO : Uou! This is a hard question also….first of all ANTI-CIMEX and DISCLOSE of course!! But just like a dream….no way more……….but there´s a lot of bands that I enjoy and of course I can be many happy to see them playing live and hope to share the sateg also someday of course!! like TOXIC HOLOCAUST,CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY,AVSKUM,C.F.D.L.,GO FILTH GO,FINAL BOMBS,GIFTGAS ATTACK,GERM ATTAK,ANGER BURNING,WARCOLLAPSE,TOTALITAR,SKITSYSTEM….And the list goes on………………

WÖRNI : Are you knowing German Crust- / Rawpunk bands? 
FOFAO : Not so many dude….sorry….I don´t know many Crust bands from Germany…only old ones like RECHARGE and AUDIO KOLLAPS for example,INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL,BOMBEMALARM,etc…..But i´d like to say that I am really into old Germany bands from 80´s like INFERNO,TORPEDO MOSKAU,BETON COMBO,VORKRIEGSJUGEND,VORKRIEGSPHASE,HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH,early UPRIGHT CITIZENS,etc….

WÖRNI : Last August and September you were on your Europe was this time for you? 
FOFAO : Uou ,what can I say ?? THIS WAS REALLY FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah….I am fucking happy to can be doing this finally….was a big tour with 40 shows…and my first time out from Brazil….it was an amazing experience,can be visiting a lot of different countries and cities,playing every night in a different place….seeing different bands in a lot of places also….and meeting every night a lot of awesome peoples everywhere…..It was one from the best things I made in my own life…..meeting the friends that are working with Besthöven for years and years,releasing my records or distributing the stuffs…..meeting friends from brothers bands also,bands that have some work released together with Besthöven like splits,comps,etc…..and I´d like to say thanx a fucking lot to my friend Koppa and Agipunk for all support to be doing this tour! Helping and believing in my work with Besthöven!! Without Koppa it will be impossible to do!!! And I am with KONATTO and NOIA guys all the time during the tour!! Italian friends are really awesome!! All them!!! And great bands also!!!! Fucking happy to see and play together with KONTATTO & NOIA during this tour!!! Also I was with a special line up for this with Marziona(KONATTO)on bass! Marco(NOIA)on guitar and Meti (DISEASE)on drums….fucking nice line up!! And really awesome peoples!!!!
WÖRNI : What event in Europe you liked most? 
FOFAO : To me everything and every moment was fucking great dude…believe me……….i can´t choose the best “event” or something like that…I am trying to live each think in the correct moment….and understand the differences between a city to other ,a country to other,etc……for example the “festivals” are really great co´z you can see a lot of cool bands playing from different places also…..but the small shows are great also,co´z you are more near or closer with the peoples in the gig…….I enjoyed each fucking moment in this tour…..impossible to choose just “one show” or just “one event”……

WÖRNI : How were the concerts in Germany? 
FOFAO : Fucking great!!! Germany is awesome!!! Cool food every night,cool places to play every night and a lot of awesome peoples also!!!!! The all shows we played in Germany was really nice!!!!!

WÖRNI : You told me you will return back to Germany...are there any details yet?
FOFAO : No dude….nothing yet…..i´d like to back and do another tour in Europe….but I don´t have idea yet about when will be this….but I really hope it can be soon….

WÖRNI : What are your future publishing plans?
FOFAO : So…there´s a lot of new plans in my mind….and I am closing some things with friends labels….so I want to be back in studio really fucking soon and start to record again….i am working hard in new songs……so,somethings I will be working in soon are: a new 7 inch maybe with 7 trax at BOMBS AWAY Records-Norway,also a possible split ep with my brothers DISPOSE from Sweden! And I want to do the “second part” of my “Hail to Sweden-EP” !!! covering more Swedish classic bands like BEDROVLERZ,AVSKUM,etc……………….I want to release a Besthöven European tour vynil also,maybe a LP or EP….I am waiting to receive some masters soon and I will choose the songs and look a label also… the way my “BESTHÖVEN HAIL TO DISCLOSE-EP” will be out soon!! Etc……………….

WÖRNI : Can you imagine to publish one of your next records on my own label?
FOFAO : Of course!! This is easy!! LET´S DO THIS NOW?????????????

WÖRNI : You made a lot of Split-EP´ you listen to the other bands on these Splits?
FOFAO : Of course dude!! Since all my splits are made with brothers bands!! We talk before made the splits….some bands I have contacts for years and trade records,etc….others I heard before or knew first by myspace or something like this…,yeas….i know all the bands I have splits with!! And I hear and enjoy the bands!!

WÖRNI : Do you like German beer?
FOFAO : =) yeah!! Hahaha…of course!! But not only the German beers!! All the beers are fucking awesome and different than Brazilian beers(Brazilian beers are good also!! By the way!!!)….but I don´t have idea about how many different beers we did drink in this tour!!! And it was amazing….since every night we was drinking some different beer…….by the way I am not an “expert” in beers,so……fuck off!! Hahahahaha and let´s drink!!!!

WÖRNI : In Germany we have many problems with rightwing power and Nazis ... Is this "way of life" also an problem in Brazil ? 
FOFAO : Yeah,this is sad but is true….in some places of Brazil theres a lot of Nazis and bullshit like this….when we was playing in Belgium for example and I meet some Brazilian friends like Marcelo from NAILBITER he said me the notice that in Brazil some nazi skinheads killed a punk in a show… São Paulo city….so,in some places of Brazil we have this kind of problem…..and nowadays thers´s a lot of nazi skins in brazil like a “fashion”… in some cities this can be really dangerous……by the way peoples have to satnd up and fight against this,here or there!! If peoples don´t react and don´t fight will be only grow up…….fuck off and die to these nazi suckers!!!

WÖRNI : This time I am working together with a friend on an new live tape sampler about Paranoya Festival 2011 where you played, did you liked the festival? 
FOFAO : This festival was really fucking awesome!! A lot of cool bands also!!! CANCER SPREADING show was fucking awesome and strong!! One from the best I see…thers´s some cool bands also,but I don´t remember the band names….(and this is a shame,I am sorry….but,many alcohol in my mind to remember all….haha)…..This is great to know about the sampler tape,so please,don´t forget to save me a copy ok??

WÖRNI : Well, taking questions is you want to use this chance to tell something to your fans?
FOFAO : Well,i´d like to say thanx a fucking lot to everybody that was helping us to do this tour!! All gigs promoters,all the awesome places we did played,all the bands we did played with,all the awesome food we did eat and everybody coming to the shows everynight!! Specially peoples that was driving or travelling 3 to 4 hours to see one show!! We meet a lot of peoples also from places that we not played like Russia,Uruguay,Portugal,Venezuela,etc….during the shows and it was awesome also!! Thanx also for the Brazilian peoples I meet over the Europe!! And everybody involved in this tour!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

WÖRNI : Ok, thank you very much Fofao for making this interview and for the great pictures ! Bye till your next visit in Germany!
FOFAO : Thanx a lot my friend Wörni !! Hope to meet you face to face also in next tour!! Hope it not delay also!! Haha…..I´d like to say also that the newest Besthöven LP “DIS MEANS WAR” is still available at Agipunk label !! so,get your copy now!! At
Fofão Discrust.