Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

INTERVIEW with Christina from AGRIMONIA

Taken from the AGRIMONIA Facebook-page 
    WÖRNI : When did you decide to make music together and how did it come to this?
    Christina: It was back in 2005 that Pontus and me started talking about trying to get a band together. We wanted to do something a bit heavy and slow. It took some time to find the right sound. But in 2007 we had found our thing, had a solid line-up and started to record our first album.

    WÖRNI : How did you found your band name?
    Christina: It was a friend of ours that came up with the name. Agrimonia is a plant and it has been used for medicinal use long before the middle ages. It has been used to heal wounds, help with liver problems and skin diseases. In folklore it was said to induce a deep sleep if it was put under a persons head, a sleep that would last until the plant was removed.

    WÖRNI : Did you start with a female singer?
    Christina: Yes! I was there from the start. But I had never sung before so it was really exciting to see what my voice were gonna be like. I know I wanted to sing with a dark voice but had no idea if I could do it. But it worked out pretty good!

    WÖRNI : How much have your band constellation changed since your beginning?
    Christina: Me and Pontus have been there from the start. Björn (drums) and Magnus (first bass, now guitar) joined before recording our first record. Martin (bass) joined in 2010 before our american tour.

    WÖRNI : How is the actually line-up?
    Björn - drums, Christina - vocals & keys, Magnus - guitar, Martin - bass and Pontus - guitar, backup vocals & keys

    WÖRNI : Who is writing the lyrics?
    Christina: I am writing the lyrics. Because I am the one singing it is important to me to write them as well.

    WÖRNI :In 2011 you were on a little tour through Germany. Why did you played only 4 concerts?
    Christina: We all have jobs that we have to do so we can rarely stay away for too long unfortunately.

    WÖRNI : Which concert did you like most?
    Christina: On that tour? I like all shows but for different reasons. Köpi is always packed with people which is lots of fun. Both there and in Liepzig I met lots of old, good friends.

    WÖRNI : I have seen you in Weil der Stadt with Cluster Bomb Unit. Do you remember this gig?
    Christina: Of course. We played a really good show there I think! Nice organizers and good food and we got to hang out with our record label "boss" Kleister (Skuld records).

    One picture from the concert in Weil der Stadt 2011 ... Picture by WÖRNI

    WÖRNI : Do you listen to any German bands at home?
    Christina: I sure do! Men of Hell, Zorn, Oma Hans, Dackelblut, Lost World, Instinct of Survival and Peacebastard are some of them.

    WÖRNI : Which concert was the best in your whole band history? And why?
    Christina: For me personally it probably has to be The D.I.Y. Hardcore fest in Gdynia, Polen in the summer of 2011. That spring I went through some pretty hard times after some complications at an operation I had done. I was near death and spent 2,5 months in the hospital. My muscles were almost gone after all that time in the hospital bed and my stomach was an open wound basically. The Gdynia show was my first one after all this shit happened and I wasn´t sure I was gonna be able to sing at all but it worked and we did a great show. For me this was such a big victory.

    WÖRNI : With whom would you like to play a gig?
    Christina: Bolt Thrower!

    WÖRNI : What means DIY to you?
    Christina: To do everything yourself, from making your own music, recording it, making artwork, setting up shows with bands you want to see, making your own spaces for shows, exhibitions, meetings and so on, trying to interact as little as possible with regular society.

    WÖRNI : Here in Germany we have still problems with groups of Nazis. Do you know if there are things like that in your home country?
    Christina: Yes, it is a real big problem right now, in politics specially. We have a party here called "The sweden democrats", they are a racist party and they win more and more votes on their discussing politics.

    WÖRNI : How would you describe the scene there in Gothenburg?
    Christina: It is pretty good. We have a D.I.Y. space called Härden and there are shows there very often. Both touring bands and local acts. Unfortunately I think that there is not so many interesting bands starting right now, but it goes up and down. We also have a collective here called Crew Scumrask and they do shows where the majority of the members in the bands have to be women. I really like this way of getting more women into the scene and to get their confident up when it comes to playing and being on stage.
    Some bands from here that I like are: Insidious Process, Swordweilder, Miasmal, Vicious Irene, Radiation, Martyrdöd and Contorture.

    WÖRNI : Are there any other bands in Gothenburg like yours?
    Christina: Not that I know of.

    WÖRNI : When will your German fans see you again?
    Christina: Hopefully when our new album is out!

    WÖRNI : What will future bring? Releases? Tours?
    Christina: We are just finishing up the recording of our third album and it will be released at Southern Lord records, hopefully in the spring. We hope to follow that up with both an European and and American tour.

    WÖRNI : Any words on the end of our interview?
    Christina: Thanks for taking the time to make this interview !!!

    One picture from the concert in Weil der Stadt 2011 ... Picture by WÖRNI
    Thank you for the chance to asked you some things =)
    Cheers WÖRNI